Episode 50: Mark Allen

Welcome to the new show. As the song goes “the people change but the Song Remains the Same”.

We are starting off the new show with none other than Ironman Legend Mark Allen, 6 time winner of Kona.

Mark shared a good hour with us, giving us some insight to his past races and how he over came his doubts and found the quiet zone when every part of home wanted to quit.  Mark has written several books on training, but his most helpful have been his books that talk about getting the right “mind-set”, specifically “Fit Soul Fit Body” written with Brant Secundo, and the newer “Art of Competition”, which is a collection of motivational quotes and photo’s. Both can be found on Amazon and are both well worth the read.

As we begin a new journey with Back of Pack Endurance we want to ensure our long time listeners that the show itself remains pretty much the same; the same goals, the same subject matter, the same tangents, just with a new name. For new listeners please look up IMYEARONE on iTunes if you’d like to hear Andy and my backgrounds in a little more depth. Additionally, you can read all about us, probably more than you want to know, on our separate blogs below:

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