Episode 51: Amanda Loudon of the Miss Zippy Blog

We have a lot to discuss in this show, and for once it appears it is all related!

Quite the discussion ensured online following a video post by our good friend Vinnie Tortorich of The Angriest Trainer podcast. Vinnie took to the streets to do some filming at a local Starbucks and after posting there was much discussion to be found on Facebook surrounding it. It was a great video most of us felt, but some took it upon themselves to equate us “fat people” with “the problems in this country”. This even got Andrew spun up (usually John is the one to jump on these issues), which of course leads to us discussing it on the show tonight.

Amanda Loudon of the blog Miss Zippy posted an article on Run Haven entitled “If You Do These Things At Races, Everyone Will Hate You (Sorry Not Sorry)” which caused quite a stir on Facebook and on the site’s comments. We invited Amanda on the show to discuss the issues she raises (and most we actually agree with her on) but was unable to get her on the feed, so Andy took over the interview as a one on one.


Andrew??? Is that You???


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