Episode 54: Ted Spiker Down Sizes with BOPE

Author of the book “Down Size: 12 Truths for Turning Pants-Splitting Frustration into Pants-Fitting Success” (now available at Amazon.com), Ted Spiker is the interim chair of the department of journalism at the University of Florida. He is a magazine writer, the co-author of the popular “YOU: The Owner’s Manual” series, and writes the Big Guy Blog for Runner’s World.

Ted’s story and background is much like all of us, and his book is full of autobiographical stories that make it a page turner, unlike most “health and diet” books. His philosophy falls in line with what we talk about on the show. We think you will enjoy the podcast this week, and make sure to pick up Ted’s book. It’s well worth the read.

Shout out to local running store St. Pete Running Company. John participates in their group runs each week and was pleased to learn that they have been named a top running store for 2014. This is almost unheard of for a store not even a year old. If you’re local to the area, PLEASE stop in and check them out. Cody, Jenna, and Chris know their stuff and are always will to help. Tell them you heard about them on the Back of Pack Endurance podcast. Not sure if that will get you anything, but hey, worth a shot right?

Andy is a finalist in the costume contest at his last even (the Rocky Run). Go to our Facebook page and needs your vote. Click on the link HERE and make sure to like his ThunderLips costume.

Join Ted’s Under 30 Club here or just search on Facebook. It is a closed group so just ask to join and it should be no problem. Once again, let them know where you heard them!

We are looking for interest in Back of Pack Endurance shirts. If you could let us know (in any way you have access to) if you’re interested and what size you would need that would be great. We’d like to have these for Disney so need to move as fast as we can on this.


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