Episode 55: Girls on the Run with Cheryl Stumpf

girls-on-the-runWe spend a lot of time this week talking about challenges and not letting others perceptions curtail where you want to go. Andy and I have met our share, but there are plenty of others meeting much steeper climbs. Never let those that don’t do tell you that you can’t.

Thanks much to Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino for the great shout out on the recent Angriest Trainer podcast. Appreciate the support guys!

John gives a race report for the Space Coast Half Marathon and dangles some bling in front of Andy to get him here next year.

Andrew won the Rocky costume contest. Not sure what he won though. 🙂

Check out the inspiring story of Kayla Montgomery here. We DARE you not to have tears!

Cheryl Stumpf joins us on the show to talk about running injuries and her involvement with the charity “Girls on the Run“. This is a GREAT program doing very good work with young girls. If you have one in your area (and there is one in Greater Tampa Bay), please take a moment and volunteer or coach. You never know what effect you can have on a child by just giving some time. Follow them on Twitter using @GOTRsusquehanna or @GOTRI

 Skip the final 5 minutes if you don’t want to hear a Walking Dead spoiler. Fair Warning.


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