Episode 56: Grab Bag

grabbag1Just the two of us tonight so, as is the norm when it is just the two of us, we get off on many tangents, starting with an in-depth discussion of stereo speakers. Then to describing using a fuzz pedal on a Fender MusicMaster bass guitar through a KOSS 6 channel PA system.

It’s Important!!

We do end up getting to some decent information once we get the references to Stephen King and Sweet Frog over with.

The shirts are still being planned so if you would like one let us know. We are trying to get an idea of what to order and from where.

Another Happy Fun Ball reference … we should have this as a sponsor

If you like serial mystery give the podcast “Serial” a listen. It will suck you in!

Captain Lazer

Captain Lazer rocks!!


One thought on “Episode 56: Grab Bag

  1. Another fun episode!! Away from my usual connectivity (not even mobile…) Gotta say, the Asimov foundation series isn’t that hard, just long. You need to do some pre reading before hand form teh Robots series to get some of the stuff in context. Then the books in histoical order of the stroy arc were written out of sequence. EG Prelude to Foundation happens before Foundation but Foundation was written first!! I need to go back through and read them all again in story arc order. Here’s a good sumamry of what I just said with the books listed. http://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/2335/what-order-should-asimovs-foundation-series-be-read-in
    Only other thing is Vive la Marshall!! (If you can afford one…)


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