Episode 60: The Final Countdown – Run Disney Marathon Weekend

medalsThis will be a lot about Disney, the preparation for it, etc. It’s all consuming right now so bear with us.

I ran an impromptu 8k Saturday morning with Jennifer, Dave Baldwin, and the gang from St. Pete Running Company for the Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation. Tested my planned race pace (14-15) using the 30s:45s run/walk split. Came in at 14:22 for the 5 miles and felt really good and strong at the end. Hope that’s a good harbinger.

Also had a great talk with Vinnie and Anna for the January 16th Angriest Trainer show. A lot about my hormone issues, the lower RMR affecting weight loss, etc.

Shout out to Dave Baldwin for his 3rd place age group finish Sunday in his 5k. Great job brother! Way to represent the pack!!

Funny how even though this is “just a run” my anxiety is at full tilt right now.