Episode 62: Tara Newman of FamilySportLife

TaraLong time friend of the show, dating back to her appearance on the old IMYearOne podcast (which can still be heard here), Tara Newman (of FamilySportLife) is a personal performance coach whose mission is to help big dreaming go-getters redefine balance, pull their “shiz” together, and start setting the “right for you” goals. She wants to help you move beyond day-to-day drudgery and to kick life into high gear. Dumping your old baggage to the curb where it belongs and start crafting the time and space to help you live the life of your dreams, leveling up where it matters most — your everyday life as a parent, an athlete, and an employee or entrepreneur. Tara has more than 15 years of experience as a performance coach, and holds a graduate degree in Organizational Psychology.

  • The importance of self care (and what that means)
  • Being clear on values and vision
  • Dealing with “overwhelm”
  • Is it possible to be all of this and remain “zen”?
  • Going from STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE. What does “unstoppable” mean in this context?
  • The 6 Steps (obviously without giving too much away from the workshop)
    • Life Assessment
    • Creating Vision
    • Getting Real
    • Becoming a Person of Action
    • Crushing Fear
    • Maintaining momentum

Her new project is offering life coaching and her first group begins on February 2nd.