Episode 66: Amy Morosini

In honor of March Brain Injury Awareness Month we have invited survivor Amy Morosini to share her amazing story with the Back of Back followers. Amy’s story about her experience at the Rock ‘n Roll race in Seattle was sent to us by no less than three people on the same day, obviously resonating with our audience. When we started looking further into her story we came away with a much deeper appreciation of not only what she survived, but what she has accomplished since her accident.

Morosini is a TBI survivor who fell from a third-story window in 1997 and was told she would never walk without assistance. She not only walked again but transitioned from a wheelchair to taking third place in her group at the 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta (Physically Challenged Female Division). Amy, like many others suffering from traumatic brain injuries, continues to face challenges single day and has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign that she hopes will allow her to complete a book to inspire survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI). You can support her efforts by donating to her campaign HERE. She was also featured in this months Prevention Magazine. You can also follow Amy at here website, The TBI Chick. Her Back of the Pack tale is located at RunHaven HERE.

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