Episode 69: The Derek Mitchell Story

We are joined in this show by Derek Mitchell, who is becoming rather famous for a recent 5k he completed. I am sure you wonder why a 5k warrants a mention, let alone a whole show, but people like Derek, who weighs over 500 lbs, is one of the reasons we do this show. Derek embodies the Back of Pack spirit, facing his shortcoming and fears, and getting off the couch and changing his life. We both felt like Derek’s story would be welcomed by our audience, and after hearing it I am sure you will agree. Support Derek on his new mission at his Facebook page “The Derek Mitchell Story” and you can help fund his races at Go Fund Me.


4 thoughts on “Episode 69: The Derek Mitchell Story

  1. If you struggle, and still make it through to the end, I think you can still say you “kicked” it. (mins 16-18)

    I’ve always been a “skinny” guy, but never exercised until my mid 40s. Let me tell you, despite everyone thinking I “didn’t need to exercise,” I struggled to run 50 yards at first. I struggled to make it through couch-to-5k. Nowadays when I struggle, I don’t usually post, but if I make it to the end of a long run, even it’s 1 minute slower pace than I expect, I may post that I kicked it simply because I made it through. That, to me, is kicking it. It’s not that I don’t struggle. It’s that through the struggle, I made it to the end. I’m not trying to hide the struggle. Of course, during a solemn Lent, I don’t post celebratory posts to Facebook. šŸ˜‰


    • I think that is a common misconception about the “back of the Pack”, that everyone in the rear is overweight, old, or both. Not always the case (and we’ll be discussing this on the show soon). We have said many times that you cannot know a person’s story by looking at them. Derek showed that in his candidness about his health issues.


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