Episode 74: Joe Average

Something new tonight. A listener contacted us and told an interesting story that he felt listeners may enjoy and learn from. We agreed and are happy to have them on tonight’s show. The only thing is, they are remaining anonymous, so if you know who they are …. shhhhhhhhh.

  • Our intro clip, Electronica Pioneer, released a new album at age of 74 … Look HERE
  • Take a look at Andy’s recent balloon adventure HERE
  • A short rant on racism in a small American diner
  • If you are in Orlando, check at Orange Cycle
  • Thank you to the members of Back of the Pack Facebook page who have become huge helps in getting our little show out to the general audience.
  • Shout out to our buddy Ciry DG who ran the Big Sur Marathon last weekend and got an on course assist from our friend Jeff Galloway. We hope to have Ciry on soon to tell the story.
  • And congrats to everyone here in Florida that completed the St. Anthony’s Triathlon, the unofficial start to race season in John’s neck of the woods. Season just got real!