Episode 76: Health Coach Laura Ingalls

Laura Ingalls joins us tonight to discuss a recent article she wrote for RunHaven concerning weight gain during endurance training, a subject near and dear to our hearts, especially John’s. You can find Laura’s writing at her blog (FSKINNY.com). She is currently focusing on a book and guest blogging but this has a good background on her philosophy. She promises that she will be writing more there in the future, plus I REALLY wanted to link to that site because I LOVE the name. If you have an issue with colorful language however, be warned.

From the www.Advwellness.com) website:

Laura is the sort of person who, if you’d told her 15 years ago that she would be a nutrition expert, exercise specialist, personal health coach and marathon runner and coach, she’d have thought you’d jumped off the deep end. As a young woman, she was your average, every day person struggling with dieting, exercise and body image while trying to “make it” in the unrelated field of acting. It was conquering this struggle that brought a team of wonderful coaches into her life and inspired her to share her newly discovered passion for health with others by becoming a coach herself.

Over the past 10 years, Laura has grown naturally into the role of “coach” and brings to it as much passion and gusto as she did to her acting career (which, considering she spent most it as a performer at Walt Disney World, is a considerable amount!) She has worked as a Success Coach with morbidly obese patients at the Orlando Weight Management and Nutrition Center, trained women in a transformational program with Get In Shape for Women, and coached people of all types, ages and abilities to complete marathons and half marathons with Team In Training.

Laura is certified as a Wellcoach by Wellcoaches, a Holistic Health Coach by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She also has a career diploma in Fitness and Nutrition and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her greatest personal accomplishments to date are completing a Half-Ironman triathlon, and learning to look in the mirror and have nice things to say about herself every day.

Other talking points tonight:

  • The need for people to post negative comments on social media
  • Andrew’s surgery tomorrow
  • EnergyBits (Use code FATSLOWTRI for 15% off)
  • John’s recent retool of his bike
  • Challenge Family is slashing and eliminating prize money
  • Big Daddy Jim’s blog, Fit Recovery, has some GREAT tips on outfitting yourself and your bike for much less than the sticker prices that make us all run for cover. Check his blog out.
  • Check out Art of the Brick. Andy is.
  • Checking out Double Runner magazine
  • Very cool information on Inside Tracker


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