Episode 79: The Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence is an athlete, a husband and a proud father of four daughters and a son. He competes in endurance races and Ironman Triathlons and currently holds two world records in 70.3 and 140.6 triathlon racing. You’d think that would be enough right?

Wrong …

His new goal?

50 Ironman courses, 50 consecutive days, through all 50 States.

From James’ website, Ironcowboy.co :

“I dominated the 2012 World Record, smashing it by 10 races, winning 2 titles and placing 2nd in five others. My mind and body actually got stronger as I progressed through the 30 races through 11 countries. I know my limits were not reached in 2012 and want to test the true limits of my mind and body with this new 50 – 50- 50 challenge. And I want the people of the United States and around the world to join me.

I will test my mind and body beyond what anyone thinks is possible and I invite the entire United States to join me and my family as we race across the country. When I tell someone what I am doing the first thing they say is, “That’s impossible, you can’t do that”

They also said –

“You can’t do 22 half ironman 70.3 races in 30 weeks!”

YES I CAN, and I DID!! (Guinness World Record)

They also said –

“You can’t do 30 full Ironman 140.6 races in one year!”

YES I CAN, and I DID!! – (Guinness World Record)

Now they Say –

“You can’t do 50 full Ironman 140.6 races 50 Days through 50 States – that is impossible”

YES I CAN, and I WILL.. Only this time I want to inspire the nation to join me.”

Other talking points today:

  • Kickstarter has a new pedal being funded called the 3aX. Check it out HERE
  • Andrew finds out the rehab can be as hard as triathlon training
  • John’s last training ride is in the books