Episode 80: Darren Miller

From Darren Website (located HERE): Darren Miller’s athletic feats and charitable initiatives concerning Team Forever and the Forever Fund, have made him a familiar face in many communities; both locally, national and international scale. Darren’s passion for motivational speaking and helping those in need is clearly evident during his frequently scheduled professional speaking engagements. He speaks under his personal motto ‘Every Breath A Gift’, highlighting the ‘Seven Essentials of Success” by incorporating lessons learned through endurance athletics and the corporate workplace. He uses these essentials to motivate his audience to strive for their full potential by learning to push their physical and mental limits. Darren’s new goal since the Ocean’s Seven Challenge (he talked about it with us back in the Ironman: Year One days, located HERE) is to attempt a sub 3 hour marathon followed by a sub 3 hour marathon swim (10K). Yikes.

Other topics discussed …

  • Andy had a great experience with Weird Al Yankovich Monday night, and John is a bit jealous.
  • Andy has also decided to join a Masters Swimming Class
  • The Iron Cowboy has begun his journey … follow him at ironcowboy.co
  • John’s report from the Fletcher Flyer ride in North Carolina and some advice for coaches on mindfulness