Episode 84 – Surprise Guest Meaghan Nana-Sinkam

And there we were, Andrew and I, just rolling along talking through our show points when out of the blue we are joined by Number One Fan Meaghan Nana-Sinkam who told us tales of the Iron Cowboy. Seriously, Meaghan is one of our favorite people and great ambassador of the Back of the Pack. Always fun to have her perspective.

Photo Jul 05, 8 30 29 PM

Even in Maine, endurance sports are popular.

Talking Points this week:

  • Andy’s Family Vacation Trip to Maine
  • How is LA Fitness like the IRS? Let John explain.
  • Tom Barbieri at Fitness & Endurance Training Radio¬†Podcast had a GREAT guest on this week and highly recommend listening to it. The guest was Sara Vance, author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan.
  • You can read more about Sara and her information on her website HERE.
  • The Tour de France is underway
  • Bridget Quinn heard our show on Escape and sent us her write up on Escape From Alcatraz here
  • Did the Iron Cowboy jump the shark with the elliptical? Does it still count?
  • Scott Jurek’s progress and his potential retirement from pro racing after the AT is complete. Ian Corless had an interesting take.
  • The use of Periscope is increasing (Tara Newman, John Newman, Vinnie Tortorich, Tom Barbieri). Should we jump on board, and if we do what is the best way to use it