Episode 86: Author Sara Vance

Sara Vance is a certified nutritionist and the founder of the company Rebalance Life LLC. She is a regular contributor to Fox News Health, San Diego, as well as MindBodyGreen, and eHow. She has worked in collaboration with doctors, taught at schools and community centers, created videos for Gaiam TV (yoga for kids), in addition to seeing individual clients. More about her and her nutritional ideas can be found at her website, RebalanceLife.com.

The 10 Keys to a Perfect Metabolism:

Break Up with Sugar – balance blood sugar
Fix Your Fats – eat healthy fats, avoid harmful ones
Heal Your Gut – boost digestion and balance gut bacteria
Identify Food Intolerance – foods that could make you foggy,fatigued, sick, and fat
Lose the Toxins – in foods, household products, body care products,etc.
Put Out the Fire – reduce inflammation
Stop the Madness – lower stress
Ditch the Convenience Foods- key nutrients for the metabolism
Hydrate! – Dehydration is making us sick and fat
Exercise Smarter (not harder) – the right and wrong kind of exercise for the metabolism

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