Episode 87: Aaron Olson of Paleo Runner

Aaron Olson is an old friend of the show, dating back to Episode 4 of Ironman: Year One (found here). He is the host of the Paleo Runner podcast and a blogger at PaleoRunner.org. Aaron returns to our podcast to talk about his new book, “Low Mileage Running: A Short Guide to Running Faster, Injury Free” which can now be found at Amazon as a Kindle version (paperback and audio will be coming as well). You can also follow updates, as well as get some insight to this method, on the blog site “Low Mileage Running“.

Aaron has been running for over 18 years and comes from the high mileage is best school of training. In recent years he has found that this is not always the best way to train and joins us to discuss low mileage vs. high mileage, especially for those of us that are heavy, old, or both.

Other Topics:

  • Andy got the part!
  • John played Frank-n-Furter?? What??
  • The Tim Curry Connection
  • How the show will proceed (to quell the anxiety of missing weeks)
  • The Iron Cowboy completed his 50/50/50


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