Fat Slow Triathlete Episode 2: Super Fan Dave Baldwin and Life on the Road

I received so many kind words and encouragement over the past week after posting the test solo show. I want to thank everyone for their inputs as I step out of the comfort zone I have and try this thing on my own. Special thanks to Meaghan Nana-Sinkham for her continuous support of the show and her keen insight as to what is working and what is not working. I will be talking to her shortly on the show once more. Also to Danny Hyde is has been supplying me with some very interesting articles to ponder on that will be sharing on the show as well.

Francis Bielli sent me a very kind and supportive email about their own struggle being over 300 pounds and finding their way to fitness. After losing 155 pounds and with sprints and Eagleman under his belt, Ironman Maryland is next on the docket in October. A great story and would love to get him on the show after the race.

I would also like to give a specialist thanks to the many listeners who have reached out to help me if I need it with the production, ideas, and good old fashioned critiques; Tom Barbieri, Rob Bosovich, Randy Messman, Ignacio Castillo, and Dave Jimenez. You all rock.

Super Fan Dave Baldwin joins me tonight to talk about his journey, especially since having to go back on the road for work. We talk about:

  • Struggle with training while working on the road
  • Iron Cowboy in 6 states
  • Reinvest in commitment to health and training.
  • 23 and Me DNA test and looking to do DNA Fit and PH360.me
  • Thyroid questions.

So … what to talk about this week?

I have been thinking a lot about Model Behavior lately (blog post coming on that over at Fat Slow Triathlete), especially as it pertains to how coaches, athletes, celebrities, etc. portray their lifestyle and its effect on those of us trying to capture (or recapture) health.

Training has been coming along. Hard to not get discouraged at times but trying to look at it like I am starting completely over. It is very frustrating to want to be able to do something and your body will just have none of it.