Fat Slow Triathlete 7: Rob Bozovich

Rob is a longtime listener and supporter of the show going back to the IM Year One days and into my solo work recently. Always will to give input and a fresh perspective, I figured it was about time to have him actually ON the show, since he just finished a 70.3 and all. I could honestly talk to Rob all night, so we will have to have him on once again.

On Saturday, October 10th, Rob will also be involved in race entering its 5th year, a 5K FLAT course with Nice T-Shirts and a Fall Festival/Car show to attend after.

Fall? What’s that??

Any way, follow the link top sign up and support the masses. Clearfield Pumpkin Run

Back of Pack Endurance Ep. 94

Fat Slow Triathlete Ep. 7

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