Episode 101: Diabetes Unscripted Host Kory Seder and Surprise Guest Shari Diaz

Kory Seder joins us tonight to discuss life as both an endurance athlete and a Type 1 diabetic. Kory is a nutritional counselor at Waters Center for Biological Medicine. He comes from a background as a Research Scientist having graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Psychology in 2001. He performed 8 years of Biochemistry research for the University of Wisconsin. He obtained certification as a NSCA certified strength trainer and an NCCP certification in triathlon training. A life-altering diagnosis in 2012 forced him to focus on his diet not just as an aspect of staying fit and healthy, but as a necessity to live a long, healthy life. Kory has extensive experience in the effects of food and body movement on overall health. (source: http://diabetesunscripted.com/about).

Kory posts quite a lot of information on the DU facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/DiabetesUnscripted) so make sure to check the show and his writing out.

We also have a special surprise guest that called in, Ms. Shari Diaz. Finishing at the end of the NYC Marathon did not derail her experience or her enjoyment of the experience. A great story she was willing to share with us.

Leading up to the discussion with Kory we discuss Andrew’s Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia on Halloween, John’s upcoming Rock n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon AND 5k this weekend and the normal shenanigans you have come to expect.