Episode 107: Angie McKaig, Star Wars, and Toys

Beating diabetes has become a hot topic on this show, following Andrew’s journey, and we like getting others on to talk about their own path to wellness and how they have beaten back Type II without the use of drugs. Angie has taken to the paleolithic style of eating and has reversed her diagnosis. We have brought her on the show to talk with her about her path and what she has discovered since undertaking it.

Angie is just starting to blog about her experience, and it can be found HERE. Has a few interesting recipes as well. 🙂

Andrew DOES listen to the Fat Slow Triathlete podcast!!!!


Please note, neither John nor Andrew are doctors and anything we talk about on the show should not be taken as medical advice. We, and our guests for the most part, are talking about what worked for us … period. In NO way should our personal journeys and results be taken as medical advice. Seek your own path, be it from holistic, medical, etc.


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