Episode 113: Diet Talk | IronFire | Fit2Fat2Fit

John returns and hilarity ensues …

Not really …

Just the guys tonight catching up with the training issues, the diet issues, and the normal sidetracking into music, politics, and movies.

IronFire completed by both of us, with Andrew actually finishing an Ultra version. Thanks again to the guys over at Octane Athletics for putting this on.

Andrew’s Race … the Hardest Half … registration is now open. Use coupon code BOPEpodcast for $5 off.

Check out the show Fit2Fat2Fit on A&E. John likes it, and Andrew will be looking in and giving his view on it as well.

Triumph the Comedy Dog


One thought on “Episode 113: Diet Talk | IronFire | Fit2Fat2Fit

  1. Just listened to this Podcast and it was awesome . Being new to this whole sport and pretty much any sport I like the advice of just training for the fun of it instead of training for events and killing yourself over it . I signed up for 2 sprints this year one in July and one in September and I think I’ll make that my mantra for training . ” Do it because its fun , not because you have to ” . Keep up the good work .


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