Episode 115: Kurt Morgan from My Diet is Better Than Yours

We are proud to have on our show this week Mr. Kurt Morgan. For you that have followed our show you know that we talked a great deal about the TV Show “My Diet is Better Than Yours” and especially about Kurt and his trainer, the Fat Burning Man Abel James. Kurt’s journey felt all too real for both of us, so it was exciting when we contacted Kurt and he agreed to come on to our little slice of the intrawebs and talk to us. Kurt can be found on Facebook or through his website HERE and he welcomes questions. Get in contact with him.

  • Andrew discusses the plateau issue and how he is working through it one day at a time
  • “John Hughes Made Me Fat” can be read at Andrew’s site doughboytoIronman.com
  • John discusses gaining his Ironman Coaching certification and the fact that he has a hard time wrapping his head around charging people
  • Can John coach Andrew?? We shall see …
  • Fat People Homework Update on Fit2Fat2Fit (currently on A&E)