So Long and Thanks for All the Fish – A New Direction

When we started this podcast two years ago, initially as Ironman: Year One and then Back of Pack Endurance, it was our intent to share our stories, to connect with others having the same frustrations and challenges, and to talk with interesting people, both famous and not, that could help us, and in turn you meet our sometimes lofty goals.

There comes a time, however, when things come to an end, and sadly we both feel that the time has come for Back of Pack Endurance, while not the END, but to take a step back and reassess the why and how of what we are doing.

Both of us want everyone still listening to us to know that this was not time wasted. It is our hope that what we have discussed these past two years has helped you all in some way, even if it is just knowing there are two big guys out here working as hard and having the same frustration that you are.

We have met great people along this journey, all of whom we now consider friends. We are not going away by any means … the Facebook page is still active and will remain that way. The shows are still active in iTunes and online, and you can still find most through Andrew’s page, What we WILL be doing is refocusing the reason we are doing this and reformat the show to better suit what we feel is what YOU need as well as what WE need. These will probably mean fewer shows, and irregular intervals, but hopefully will result in better quality.

You can still listen to Andrew on his podcast The Jam Room and to John on Fat Slow Triathlete.

Neither of us are giving up racing or training, so we will see you on the courses throughout the year (and both of us will be at Runner World Festival in October).

It has been a please and an honor talking to you these past couple of years. We hope you stick with the show and give us feedback on what we should, or could, focus on more.

Swim Calm, Bike Strong, and Run Steady

John and Andrew


3 thoughts on “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish – A New Direction

  1. Darn it guys – I really enjoy the podcast. For no particular reason than to listen to you two banter. John- I listen to FST and will continue to do so. Andrew – balloon artistry is a stretch for me so it’s a no-go for me…sorry guy.

    I will star tuned for any future episodes.


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